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PRUDENT TOURS is a small family-owned tour service that has won its reputation on service and quality. It began operating in 1964. The Emprise Bank, Hillsboro, KS, is its reference. 

TOUR PRICE INCLUDES Connections at convenient places; a professional Tour Director; deluxe motorcoach and driver; local guides; all lodging; luggage handling; all sightseeing and attractions listed in bold print. Unless otherwise stated, tour price listed is based on two people sharing a room.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED Incidental hotel charges such as telephone calls, room service, meals unless specified, pre and post night lodging, and gratuities for the tour director and driver. 

SINGLES, TRIPLES, QUADS  Prices stated in the tour description are per person based on two people sharing the same hotel room. The single price applies if only one person is in a room. The single room does not guarantee a double seat on the motorcoach. If you are willing to share a room you may let us know.  If someone else signs up for the same tour and wishes to share a room we will give each of you contact information and let you touch base with each other to determine if that will be a good arrangement for both of you.  If you agree to share a room you would travel at the double rate listed in the catalog. Persons who prefer to stay three or four to a room may do so with a discount of $10 per person per night given for triples or quads (this assumes existing bedding) unless otherwise stated in the tour description.

ENJOYABLE MEALS Meals are not included in the tour price unless noted in bold print in the tour itinerary. Many of the hotels in which we stay offer a complimentary breakfast. While traveling we make every effort to stop at restaurants which offer good food at reasonable prices. On average, one can figure about $25-$35 per day for food depending on your eating habits. 

MINIMUM HEALTH REQUIREMENTS Walking tours and periods of standing are part of many tours. Some sites have limited motorcoach access and many activities include climbing stairs, uneven surfaces or inclines and walking reasonable distances. Tours may include destinations in higher elevations that may have varying effects on individuals. Persons requiring assistance must be accompanied by a companion who is capable of and responsible for providing the assistance. Travelers need to be able to:
• Walk 15 minutes without having to stop or sit down and rest
• Climb stairs, or walk up an incline without stopping
• Stand for 30 minutes without needing to sit down

LODGING We stay at quality lodging such as Drury, Holiday, Comfort, Best Western and Hampton Inns.

LODGING BEFORE AND AFTER TOURS You may reserve lodging before or after a tour at connecting hotels. We will make the reservations for you and you pay the hotel directly. You will receive confirmation numbers and telephone numbers to guarantee late arrival if needed. 

LUXURY MOTORCOACH Travel in style aboard the finest in luxury coaches. There will be a systematic seat rotation on each tour. Traveling partners are rotated together as seatmates. This allows everyone a different view from the motorcoach and gives passengers a chance to meet other people on the tour. There will be few exceptions to the seating plan. Any exceptions must be approved by our office prior to final payment. Smoking, alcohol use, and firearms are not permitted on the motorcoach.

DEPARTURE POINTS All our tours pick up passengers in Wichita, McPherson, Salina, Junction City, and Topeka. Tours not traveling east on I-70 will have a courtesy shuttle pickup in Junction City and Topeka to meet the motorcoach. There is courtesy parking at each of these locations. 

LUGGAGE *Our drivers and luggage handlers at our hotels take care of one suitcase per person provided it weighs less than 50 lbs. and does not exceed combined dimensions (width + length + depth) of 62 inches. Your care in staying within these guidelines helps protect your luggage and limits strain on the driver and luggage handlers. Your large suitcase is handled for you from the moment you arrive at the motorcoach at your departure location. It is taken from the motorcoach to your hotel room each evening and returned to the motorcoach in the morning. In addition to your large suitcase, a carry-on bag that you handle is allowed. Carry-on bags must not exceed dimensions of 39 inches. Prior to the departure of the tour you will receive a luggage tag for your large suitcase. If you need to take a second large suitcase, the extra cost is $10 per hotel. *You may be required to manage your own luggage and carry-on without assistance in airports, or places where porterage services may not be available.

FUTURE TRAVEL CREDIT After you have completed a tour you will receive Prudent Money, a credit in the amount of $5 for each day of the tour. The next tour you take with Prudent our office will automatically deduct the applicable amount of Prudent Money off your final payment at the rate of $5 a day. Prudent Money is transferable to someone who has never traveled with Prudent Tours (if transferred prior to final payment). Maximum amount that can be used as well as amount to be earned is listed by each tour.

CANCELLATION POLICY A full refund will be given when cancellations are received in our office by the end of the business day (during office hours) more than 30 days prior to day of departure of the tour except for those tours which state specific cancellation penalties in the tour description. If cancellations are received 30-15 days prior to day of departure the cancellation fee is 50% of the catalog tour price plus any cancellation fees charged by our vendors. For cancellations 14-4 days prior to day of departure the cancellation fee is 75% of the catalog tour price plus any cancellation fees charged by our vendors. For cancellations 3 days prior or less to day of departure there is no refund. Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. If you must leave the tour en route, refunds will be whatever net funds Prudent Tours can recover from vendors. *We recommend purchasing trip cancellation/interruption insurance to protect our passengers from losses.

*TRIP CANCELLATION/INTERRUPTION INSURANCE is available through our office. Travel insurance information is sent after we receive your deposit. Information includes a description of coverage as well as instructions on how to purchase the insurance.

TOUR PARTICIPATION Prudent Tours retains the right to terminate the participation of any tour member at the tour member’s expense if any physical or mental handicap becomes apparent on tour and causes hardship to the Tour Director and/or other tour members. Children should be ten years of age or older to travel with an adult (unless otherwise stated). 

TRAVELERS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Prudent Tours will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the special needs of our travelers. Be aware that the Americans with Disabilities Act is applicable only within the United States and that accommodations for disabled travelers outside the United States may be more limited. If a traveler requires assistance, he/she should be accompanied by their own companion who is capable of and totally responsible for providing the assistance. Neither Prudent Tours personnel, nor its suppliers, may lift or physically assist travelers. Special requests must be made at the time of tour reservation. 

CLOTHING Travel light and pack casual clothes. Remember you are on vacation. Wash and wear fabrics travel best. Layered clothing makes for easy adjustment to weather changes. It is a good idea to have a sweater or a jacket to wear on board the motorcoach. Comfortable walking shoes are a must. If you need special clothing, we will give you special instructions. 

DOCUMENTATION U.S. citizens traveling outside the United States (including Canada) are required to show proof of citizenship with a valid passport. A passport is valid for 10 years. When flying, a government-issued REAL ID compliant license with a photo or valid passport is required.

INSPIRATION Each traveling day begins with a brief devotional thought for the day and prayer. Many tours travel on Sunday and a brief united worship service is conducted while driving. 

WEATHER CONDITIONS can play a large role in some of our tours. It can affect driving conditions or cause delays and even cancellations to outdoor activities. Prudent Tours and our motorcoach company will do everything we can to ensure that all schedules are met without compromising the safety of our passengers. Since none of us can control the weather we share in the financial responsibility if weather keeps us from some of our planned activities or if we are forced to add to the length of the tour. Some parts of tours may be prepaid and may be non-refundable. In the event of cancellations, Prudent Tours will make every effort to collect refunds and will return to its passengers all refunded money. Prudent Tours is not responsible for activities that are cancelled due to weather conditions and are non-refundable and will invoice passengers if the tour is extended and additional hotel nights are required.

GENERAL DISCLAIMER - Receipt of your deposit acknowledges that you accept the risks involved in travel, and accept responsibility for your own travel decisions. Risks may include but are not limited to COVID, health related issues, weather, strikes, criminal acts and terrorism. Prudent Tours monitors conditions related to our destinations. Conditions may require Prudent Tours to change itineraries or even cancel trips. Prudent Tours reserves the right to modify the cost or the schedule of the tour if necessary. You accept all responsibility and expenses associated with any injury, illness, disability or death. You release, discharge, covenant not to sue, and hold harmless Prudent Travel and Tours, its owners, staff, suppliers and fellow travelers from any claims, actions, damages or expenses associated with the risks associated with travel.  

At Prudent Tours we strive to price all our departures accurately and fairly.  Fuel prices continue to fluctuate. We accept these fluctuations without passing them along to you, our valued customer, whenever we can. Whereas it has never been our policy to “nickel and dime” our valued clients, please know that we must have a policy of passing on some of these increases and shortfalls, should they occur. Any adjustment in tour prices would occur on our final billing letter for that tour. In instances where the increases are minimal, we will continue to absorb them as a cost of doing business. Your understanding of this issue is a matter of honesty and trust. We felt it important to mention here.

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